Summer Road Trip Safety Tips

Winter may be all but a distant memory now, but that doesn’t mean that you should let your guard down.

Planning on taking a road trip in the heat of the summer?

There is a whole new raft of risks come into play that you need to be aware of.

Firstly, don’t forget your Emergency Roadside Kit.

No road trip should be taken without one of these in your boot.

Although there’s no definitive list of what should be in this pack there are a few key bits and pieces that wouldn’t go amiss. No one travels these days without a mobile phone, but these are often prone to running out of battery, especially when you’re using them to play some road tunes. Pack an AC to DC power supply to channel your car’s power into your phone – a spare set of jump leads, duct tape, water, maps and a torch are also recommended!

Check, check, check

If you’re taking your car on the road for a long time then you should make some thorough safety checks on your vehicle before you hit the road. The basics, such as your battery, oil and water levels go without saying. With a long road ahead of you though, you might want to inspect your tyres (not to mention your spare) to ensure that their tread and air pressure are up to scratch. The under carriage of your vehicle is also at risk of damage so make sure to take a look at any exposed belts and hoses that might already be suffering from the heat – look for any cracks or small tears that could worsen under pressure.

It might just rain…

No one likes to prepare for the rain when you’re planning a summer holiday, but this is England and sometimes the worst can happen. Your windscreen wiper blades after the brutal winter months (not to mention the lashing rain) might well be completely ragged with being overuse. These tired wipers are even more susceptible to the heat of the sun and might lead them to be completely ineffective should the rain eventually pour down.

If the sun does stay out though…

You should prepare for the worst that the heat can deal you. Somerset summers can get hot, so prepare for your car to get a little over heated. In order for your car to stay cool during the summer heat, you’ll need to make sure that your coolant levels are kept at a good level.

Long queues and plenty of tractors on the road will no doubt lead to queues and these are just the kind of situations where your engine is likely to overheat, so make sure your water and coolant are topped up and that you have some spare in the boot.

On the subject of staying cool

If you’re going to be driving for a long time, especially through the heat of the day, then you’ll want to make sure that your air conditioning is working properly otherwise you’re going to be in for a spot of bother. Don’t underestimate the summer heat, sort out your AC before you start the journey and you’ll be able to enjoy yourself much more.

When travelling for extended periods it’s important that you don’t forget to bring water for yourselves and especially young passengers who are prone to dehydration. Also, it should really go without saying that leaving children or pets unattended in car parks during the summer months is not a good idea. Even if you think you’ve found a shady spot somewhere, that shadow could move, potentially putting your child at risk of heat stroke or dehydration.

If in doubt, take them with you.

Finally – beware of distractions!

Road trips are a great way to cover some miles with your pals and create some great memories, but you can’t let these moments get in the way of your concentration. You might be having a great time blasting out the tunes and your co-driver might be enjoying opening the road map to its full length, but you need to make sure that your attention is always focused on the road in front of you.

Enjoy your Summer road trip and stay safe!