The Most Committed Motoring Offences

Thousands of motoring offences are committed every year by ordinary people…

…but the question is what happens if you’re caught doing one of them?

Careless driving

An offence for careless driving can be doled out for a wide variety of reasons, the root of the issue will be a mistake made on your part that will usually be glaringly obvious to an observing officer. Errors like swerving in the road or moving between lanes, with little regard for other cars, are surefire ways to get fined or even points on your license.

If you’re caught?

Officers have the power to hand out on-the-spot fines to drivers and even put points on your license without you leaving the vehicle.

Dangerous driving

This is a much more serious offence that will be dealt with in a Magistrates’ or Crown Court, depending on the severity of the incident. The defining difference between ‘careless’ and ‘dangerous’ driving will be obvious to other road users (who might be called on to give a statement) and the arresting officers. Examples of dangerous driving include aggressive or risky overtaking manoeuvres – street racing is also considered to be dangerous driving.

If you’re caught?

This offence is dealt with much more seriously than other driving offences. Depending on the other parties involved, you could face an unlimited fine, a driving ban of up to 14 years in prison.

Drinking under the influence

Drink driving is one of the biggest causes of accidents in the UK with nearly 6,000 incidents caused every year. With deaths on the road also increasing, law enforcers are coming down harder on offenders and campaigners are calling for the limit to be lowered, like Scotland who exercised their powers of devolution to bring their alcohol/blood limit to 50mg alcohol/100ml blood.

If you’re caught?

If you’re found to be over the limit and fail a breathalyser test then you could face a driving ban, an unlimited fine and up to six months behind bars.

Driving without insurance

Unlike the States, we here in the UK are legally required to insure our vehicles. All across the UK there are automatic number plate recognition cameras that are checking to see if vehicles are insured or not. The important thing to remember is that it is the vehicle that is insured, not the driver. If you’re driving someone else’s vehicle then you’re liable for the insurance for the vehicle.

If you’re caught?

Getting caught without insurance (regardless of whose car you’re driving) is a serious offence and can lead to an unlimited fine or even a driving ban.


The number one most common driving offence is one that everyone is guilty of once in a while. Speeding is easily done, but it’s also easily punished. There are speed cameras all over the country waiting to tag unsuspecting drivers, not to mention traffic officers who are placed at strategic places on A roads, so that they can catch as many offenders as possible.

If you’re caught?

Drive more than 45% over the limit and your case will be passed over to the magistrates’ court, as you’ll be treated as a dangerous driver. If you’re caught driving just a touch over the limit then you’ll either be cautioned or asked to go on a speed awareness course.

In the unfortunate case where you’re found to be driving over the speed limit by 45% you could face a ban of anywhere between 7 to 56 days. Cause serious harm or death and you could be hit with a lifetime ban and prison time.

If you still need further clarification on the driving offence codes, potential consequences of committing an offence or how bans work – then feel free to ask us.