Why We Do This

There were a total of 1,623 driving related casualties during 2014.

  • 1,405 of these were considered ‘slight’
  • 185 were deemed to be ‘serious’
  • 33 were fatal.

A 14% increase in driving related deaths was recorded in the years between 2013 and 2014.

It can be all too easy to take driving on the road for granted – some of us have to drive up to a hundred miles or more a day and familiarity always breeds relaxation of good practices – but this shouldn’t happen.

Remember being a beginner driver? Remember taking your driving test?

The pressure of having a person next to you, whose sole purpose is to judge your driving safety causes you to question almost every single action you do. You’re so scared of putting a foot wrong, that you remain in a constant state of alertness; checking mirrors, looking for potential hazards and remembering all the lessons you were given.

As teenagers, young people can all too easily slip from timid learner drivers into comfortable cruisers of the roads – as if they’ve driven for half their life already. Suddenly, the good safety habits that are drilled into them by their instructor start falling by the wayside, as you gain more confidence in your newfound skill. But they shouldn’t.


The lessons that we pick up as learners should be constantly in use throughout your driving career – they are the tools that will keep you, your passengers and other road users safe.

However, by the time you’re used to driving regularly, you’ll get into the kind of habits that are hard-wired into your drive. A certain corner that you always speed up at, a single lane that you never slow down at, a cheeky overtaking manoeuvre that always used to feel a bit dodgy. The more you drive a particular route, the more risks you are bound to take on it – you are not the master of the road.


It’s not ‘cool’ to talk about it, but it’s a truth that is too often ignored – and the results are 33 deaths in Somerset every year, due to neglecting road safety.

Normal people each and every one of them – some pedestrians, some cyclists, some drivers.

The numbers may decrease as they years go by, but the value of these lives do not.

This site is dedicated to increasing awareness of Road Safety in the Somerset area for everyone – drivers, pedestrians, cyclists and passengers.