Winter Is On The Way, So Prepare For The Worst!

Winter Is Coming – Don’t Get Caught Out

There’s still a few more weeks left before Winter truly settles in, take the time to prepare for icy roads and windscreens – you’ll save yourself time and money in the long run.

Here are 5 courses of action you can take to avoid getting frozen up when the ice finally settles on the fair roads of Somerset:

Check Your Tires

Before you even think of setting off on the roads this winter, your tires need to be ready for the changing conditions.

Somerset’s rural tracks, and even some of the bigger A-Roads, are liable to ice up before the rest of the country and this can put you in some slippy scenarios – if your tires aren’t up to snuff. Make sure that you hit up an air pump once a fortnight and check your tread depths (1.6mm is the legal minimum but you’ll be thankful for  3mm when the black ice kicks in).

Prepare For Icing

The roads aren’t the only only things getting iced up in the winter, don’t forget to set aside time to clear your windscreen each morning.

Save time in the morning by chucking a full kettle of hot water on your windscreen each morning. At this time of year, it’s best to invest in all the tricks of the trade – that means grabbing a decent de-icer spray and a trusty scraper. Spending more money in the short term will always save your time in the long run. Don’t forget to switch out your screen wash to deal with the temperatures below zero too!

Your Engine Needs Care

Your windscreen might well be clear, but don’t forget about what’s under the hood!

It can be all too easy to forget about the effect that the cold has on the interior of your car. If you’re not careful, you might try and set off one day to find that you car’s innards resemble a lost fantasy kingdom. Avoid hassle by topping up your anti-freeze in your coolant system (a 50-50 ratio is the ideal blend), this will help keep your engine ticking over nicely and help you stay on the road.

Always Check Your Battery Before Leaving

Nothing worse than getting stuck with a flat battery on a cold winter’s day.

We all like to live on the edge at some point or another, but there’s absolutely no need to take risks when it comes to your car battery. Keep an eye on your gauges and if you’re running your battery down, find a replacement or at least keep it charged up over night.

Load Your Car With Emergency Essentials

A breakdown in Winter can be a cold and stressful experience, but it really doesn’t need to be.

Sometimes you simply can’t avoid a breakdown in the middle of winter, but there are plenty of ways you can help make it a less unpleasant experience. Start every journey with a fully charged battery on your phone, pack a spare blanket for warmth, extra jumpers and emergency food supplies (chocolate bars and nuts are always a good idea). Most importantly, always have your insurance details on hand!